“A passionate game designer with strong practical knowledge in design, art, animation, storytelling, audio, and programming. And a highly inquisitive nature. If you thought one woman army, you’re not wrong.”

What i've been upto?

Quite recently, I had the chance to talk at Games Talks Live, all the way up in Scotland. It was quite the experience, and certainly nerve-wracking as I got to speak to a group of individuals who were from the games industry themselves!

As I started writing my talk, I thought, ‘What do I tell these people that they don’t already know?!’

The answer came to me eventually, after quite a few topics being thrown around, and I spoke about ‘Things I wish I knew before I got started in the industry’

The talk is available on youtube, should you be curious enough to listen, and I’ve provided a link to the video just above for the same 🙂

My first job in the games industry and it’s working with Playground Games as a Gameplay Designer (*Design Assistant)!

I’ve worked on Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure expansions.

Working on the Hot Wheels expansion as I just entered the industry was a very different kind of dream come true. Till I joined Playground on the Forza project, my love for cars and car culture stood in the background. Being able to work with amazing people at the studio and rekindling my love for all sorts of cars with other petrolheads was everything I could ask for.

Not to mention all of the cool gameplay-centric things I get to work on 😀

While I can’t talk in great detail about what I’ve worked on, do take a look at some previous projects I had the chance to work on –

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