A waking nightmare

‘Unit Alpha’ *static* ‘Unit Alpha respond!’

‘They’re coming this way!’

‘There’s no response from Alpha. There’s no way for us to hold this post.’

‘We can’t abandon our post. What if Alpha makes it back in time?’

‘Tactical retreat. Fallback to point Gamma.’
We could hold out for longer. One woman could delay them. 

‘Unit Alpha responding’ *static* ‘Come in’

‘Alpha what’s your status?’ *click*

‘Throw it! They’ve homed in -‘
It hurts. Stay low. I need to stay low.

No. Just me. Shit. Now what?

Why are they so slow … ?
That click. Shit. I need to get up. Radio in. Hold the post.

Quick. Move. MOVE!

‘All units radio silence! Code Echo’ *click*
This is it. Please work!

Did it work? it’s … dark. Dark, and cold. 


I missed? No, no I couldn’t have. I staked everything on it!


A bright light on my lids had me snapping awake. A constant beep in the background.

“Amara? Do you know where you are?”

A nurse stood before the window, where the sunlight filtered in. Right. It’s over. It’s been over for a long time.

“People’s Hospital.”

“Good, it looks like you’re doing better. Did you have a bad dream?”

“No. I’ve just been finding it difficult to sleep.”