don't mind me, just knitting here

Yes I knit, with a makeshift round loom.

Knitting needles would usually be the go to for people, but some of us (like me), enjoy the support that a round loom gives. For the most part though, they function almost the same.

On the left is a cute hat I made, and yes, the pattern is not mine. I knitted it using the round loom. I will say though that making scarves with the round loom goes much faster, and it’s quite fun to watch the scarf slowly come into being, extending itself through the round loom.

When do I get the time to knit?!

Quite literally, I don’t get the time.

It’s something that I do when a course instructor is slow or simply when the day feels slow. Although considering that these days I’m making games in my free time, the only chance I do get to knit now is when I’m waiting for the games to package and distribute themselves.

I may not be knitting as often now, but I do knit the occasional scarf, glove or hat for a close friend’s birthday (or at least make the attempt). 

I also crochet, though I have a long way to go before I make cute toys and such.

Will you get to see any other scarves or items that I crochet/knit pop up here? Maybe? It depends on how long the next game I make takes to package itself!

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