Welcome to my Game dev library

The confession

Submission for Into Games design workout

Role: Narrative Designer

Jitter Critters

Submission for Game-Off 2021 (group project)

Roles: Generalist Designer

In the Garden

Submission for WiG jam (group project)

Roles: Narrative Designer

Through their eyes

A group project created using Unity

Roles: Narrative / Level Designer

Web of Magic

GGJ 2020 (Solo project)

Roles: Narrative Designer / Programmer


A two woman story telling card game project

Roles: Narrative Designer / 2D Artist

Stone Age People

A group project created using Unity

Roles: Sounds Designer / Producer


Solo Project made on Ren’py

Roles: Narrative Designer / Programmer

Pillow Fight to the Death

A short two week group project.

Roles: Game Designer / Producer

Side Scroller Prototype

An experiment in Unreal Engine

Roles: Level Designer / Scripter

The Dundee Dragons Project

A group project created using Unity

Roles: Narrative / Game Designer

The all new SIM Dating Game

Solo project made using Twine

Roles: Narrative Designer

The Machine ‘Starts’

A group project created using Unity

Roles: Narrative Designer / Character Artist

My love for storytelling is what first got me into making games. While animation is a fantastic medium for storytelling, I often found myself limited – in branching off, and especially interactivity. I started small when I first made games, from visual novels, and interactive fiction into RPGs, and other genres. 

I’ve actively done sound, art, design, and some basic coding in order to make these short games a reality!

The more I make games, be it in jams or as a fun personal project, the more I find to learn, and the more I learn, the more I think of  ways in which to try and flip it on its head – understanding a mechanic and trying to see how to change and adapt it in a completely different genre.