rolls galore

Sneak Peek at the Story

A short story, written while imagining the perspective from the food’s point of view.

Written just a little after having ordered said roll, within a few hours after, in fact. 

Funny comment I received for this piece? 
My mentor at the time mentioned how after hearing this piece she really wanted to go try the roll, but she had the feeling it wouldn’t be as magical as it sounded in the story.

Rolls galore

To wake up to warmth after a long time being frozen, is a nice feeling. I can hear the sizzling of the oil that is helping to warm me, how at first the cold spatulas stroke me, but soon grow warm. I like how those hands make sure that I’m completely warmed and fully cooked.

How it’s almost like he’s listening to music and he’s using me as his dance partner, gently spinning me clockwise and pressing down on my uncooked edges as though putting me back on my feet. How almost immediately, he follows it up by picking me up and flipping me over as though he were picking me up in a real dance and placing me in the opposite direction that we were in. I love how he once more twirls me as though he’s spinning me, checking once more to see if I’m fully cooked. And how, to end this part of the dance he gently picks me up and places me on the counter.

It’s amazing, how much he cares as those hands gently pick up the most important part of the stuffing, and almost like a concertmaster, he gently places it along the centre, as though giving me a spine, making me alive, truly. How after, he follows up with a fluid movement as he drapes the onions over the stuffing, how in a quick but gentle movement, he decorates me with the sauces.

I love how he treats me like a true lady, gently laying my left flap over my right and in a quick movement wrapping me tightly with a coat, a thin paper-like coat which does little to retain my warmth but keeps me protected from falling apart, as he hands me over to the next in line for a different dance.

Copyright © Anjali Shibu 2015. All rights reserved.