Character Sculpture ‘Sirenne’

Made over a period of two weeks, this character was developed, drawn and sculpted. 

This sculpture is made with clay, over a wire-frame base and painted over with acrylic paints.

The sculpture itself is only about six inches tall, which made developing features and adding details a challenge.

background & lore

Sirenne was developed in the period of time when I was studying characters that jumped off roofs and impossibly tall structures. These characters also had cloaks which I omitted adding to the final model as it covered many details.

Sirenne’s facial features were referenced from a husky, which is why her eyes are a narrow, deep set shape and in the character sheet, her nose is drawn almost flat. 

After quickly sketching some iterations, I worked on  character and expression sheet for Sirenne. The ears in certain panels were added to give a little more flavor to the character for interactions.

building it up from the start

We started building the base model on a wireframe and gave it shape using crushed newspapers for the bulk of the body, which was then covered and smoothed down with the clay.

After completing the basic shape, I started adding various details, such as the hair, accessories and some other parts that were to be made or added on top of the basic clay figure.

After adding a few more basic details, I started adding more delicate details like fingers, boots and other parts, before coming back to work on the facial features.

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