The dundee dragons project

Project brief

  • Client Project: Required us to develop a prototype based on a story and narrative given to us. The project was to make it as interactive as possible, whilst also having the option to autoplay the story.

Roles: Game Designer 

  • Instrumental in developing the storyboard of the game
  • Developed the concept design document in conjunction with a co-designer. Responsible for the game flow and interactions in the level.
  • Instrumental in developing an integration document for the voiceovers in relation to triggers in the game to enable seamless coordination with the audio, programming, and design teams.
project breakdown

This was a fun little project to work on, in a genre that I’m quite familiar with – visual novels. As we had the story ready, our job as the designers on the team was to break down the actions on-screen on the basis of the narration. It led to some interesting choices mechanically, in terms of simplicity.

We ended up with two modes in gameplay based on the clients’ requirements.

An auto-play game mode that would run through the story without the option for interaction.

The ‘adventure’ mode required the player’s input to continue and further the storyline. We hoped to have small movements additionally, where players could tap on the foliage or the well to see birds/leaves and the dragon move. 

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work samples

I developed an excel document to communicate to the various departments the status of the audio, whether it was in the build if it required to be edited, and so on. The highlighted cells in blue confirmed that the audio file of that name could be added, while cells highlighted in red signified that the file required to be edited and was not yet ready to be implemented in the project.