3D Character Model ‘Vasilios’

This digital model and its accessories were made using Maya (Student License). All elements were made, created and designed by myself in a period of four weeks.

This was a fun character model to make, which I altered and tweaked as the course progressed!

background & lore for the character

Initially designed as a burly elf, the model was seen as being an archer or healer.

As my comfort in using Maya grew however, I began to add accessories and elements that either caught my interest or reflected my background. The halberd for example, was a small project that I chose to do since I wanted a ‘unique’ weapon for the character, while the chakra was created to give it a more ‘Indian’ feel.

The evolution of the character then spanned across different cultures and was finally developed as a Warrior Demigod, with influences from African culture (tattoos), Indian culture (Chakra), Viking weapons (Halberd), and Greek clothing.

making of the character model

Below you will find the basic character model (think of it as the framework or a blank canvas).

The head took the longest time to make, even though we didn’t make a slit for the mouth or create a tongue and set of teeth. Since the model was made for the purpose of posing, we also didn’t add separate movable eyelids.

UV MAP & sculpting

Prior to sculpting the model, we created the UV map and pieced it together on Photoshop, after which we began to build on our framework model. Details like muscles, structure, nail beds and so on, were all added here.

clothing and accessories

Literally no one:

Me: I want to make these over-complicated looking shoes and a weapon and cool looking clothes and a helmet!

People in my class: Are you sure you’re going to be able to do it?

Me: Sure . . . how tough could it be?

I spent three to four sleepless nights to keep pace with the class and make these extra accessories. I’d say it was well worth the time and effort spent.

final render
is there a version you can download?

No, because this model was made during my time in college, thanks to Maya’s Student License. 

Copyright © Anjali Shibu 2017. All rights reserved.