just some fairy dust, glue and paint here

Don’t mind me, just building stuff up here . . .

Cosplay is something I discovered when I first attended a Comic Con. Seeing people’s excitement, attitudes and absolutely spectacular creations made we want to build stuff too.

For the most part though, I will say I love making staffs as opposed to anything else. It probably has something to do with my soft spot for mages and priests.

One of the reasons I enjoy doing/making hobby cosplays is because you get to create all sorts of things in unimaginable shapes and sizes and feel amazed about the fact that it worked out the way it did. Some of these creations often gave me ideas on where I wanted to go with a character’s design!

I love ‘making’ things, especially if it involves some amount of paint, accuracy and freedom. Trying to re-create the outfits characters wear in anime or games is a nice challenge and a great way to think about what makes great costumes! 

You’ll notice that a lot of the things I make are often incomplete and mostly inspired from game/anime characters as opposed to being exactly like the creator intended. One part of this is because the perfectionist that I am, wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect for a character that I love and admire.

This is the main reason for my making cosplays that are a little more original or inspired. No one can tell you how much more perfect it should be because you get to decide what it should finally look like!

What’s that? When do I get the time to do this these days?

I don’t. My day consists of 48 hours, so I just about barely get the time to get around to my hobbies.

Well then, see you around. Yes, I’ll update this page when I go around making more stuff!

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