The all new sim dating game

The Game in Brief

The game isn’t what it says it is, nor does it look like what it seems as you read. 

What starts off as a cute one night stand quickly turns into an adventurous murder mystery. I would advise anyone below 18 not play the game.

There is sexually explicit content, which is optional (there is an option to read the clean version instead) and not forced on the player. 

breaking the game down

The all new SIM dating game was made using Twine(2). The story has 16 unique endings, which include freak accidents and happy or sad endings. Yes you can get together with Alex in one of the endings (quite hard to get there is all), you could date one of the women or become a vigilante. These are just a few of the endings.

I started making this game on the basis of a one night stand since it caused a lot of people to let their guard down. There was some embarrassment in the initial few minutes of the game, till it suddenly ended on a note they didn’t expect. Their motivation to figure out what exactly happened propelled them to play the game again.  

game file

Below you will find the game automatically loaded. Click on the highlighted text (blue/purple) to move to the next page in the game. Once more, gamer discretion is advised, the game is NOT for minors. If you do not enjoy violence or sexual themes, I would advise you not play the game.

The rest of you who are here, have fun. Remember, its just a story, not based on real events or people or places. Well, it’s just interactive fiction. 

You can access the game from here!

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