Background for the poem

Written as part of an assignment in college (2014), the poem is about a woman who wished to tell her story but never did and how this story was lost.

I do have a soft spot for fiction and fantasy, which is why a lot of my pieces tend to be from an object’s point of view or some form of fantasy is added to a character’s perception.


She rests on the edge of darkness
Like a creature preparing to rise,
And though unseen,
The wind carries her soft melodies.

Like the night she transforms,
Taking one shape and another,
Screaming to be heard
To be acknowledged and told.

Her ethereal screams can be heard,
Yet no one listens,
For though it is a cry of pain,
No one wishes to look.

The wind blows on,
Trying desperately to push her forward.
Her frail form though,
Can withstand no more.

It’s true that she was written,
But he is long gone now,
Leaving her unloved.

Perhaps she took too long,
The games that she took pleasure in
Were perhaps not in her interests,
Yet she still pursues,
Trying to become
A real story.

Copyright © Anjali Shibu 2014. All rights reserved.